Benefits Include:

  • Youth Sports Magazine that Empowers parents to identify suitable athletic opportunities and service providers to help their child perform at the top of their game!
  • Provide insight from sports professionals that specialize in mental, physical, social, emotional health. 
  • Provide coupons and specials to save you money. 
  • Provide summaries and reviews of local sports facilities and athletic programs. 
  • Provide and up to date registration schedule for a wide variety of sports. 

EYS Football Edition

  • EYS Covers Topics:

    Seasonal Registration Dates

    Sports Reviews 

    Performance Record and Reviews of Local Teams 

    Parent:Child Dialogue Best Practices

    Common Myths and Misconceptions

    Team Mom Best Practices

    Local Trainer Listings 

    Alternative Sport

    Common Injuries and Rehabilitation

    Training Tips

    Business Resource Directory - (Physical Therapists, Counselors, Tutors, Healthcare, School, Pest Control, Pharmacy, Wealth Advisors, Food, Insurance, Retail, Shoes, Attorneys, Vehicle and much more!) 



    High School Varsity Schedules

    Athlete Showcase 

    and much more! 



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